Meet Sarah


Optimal Nutritionally Balanced Gourmet Cuisine

Sarah Zulauf is an expert in the Culinary Field, as a health conscious chef. She has a natural talent to make food taste amazing, no matter what ingredients or food specific diets she has to work with. On top of that she prides herself at settling for nothing less then optimal nutritionally balanced gourmet cuisine, everything that she makes is used with the utmost premium and mostly organic ingredients, only the best of the best can enter her kitchen and the mouths of her gourmet loving and health conscious family, friends and customers.


Strong Passion For Excellence

Realizing that she shared a common desire with many searching for great tasting healthy food. Sarah took her strong passion for culinary excellence to task. It was then she decided to grace everyone with her mouthwatering, tasty, fusion of clean, organic, gourmet food,  Sarah’s Organic Gourmet” product line was born.

From then on her business took off, in many manifestations, she was hired to create a corporate lunch service using plant based meals and optimal nutrition as the driving force for creating weekly menus, cooking for 30 to 50 employees daily as balanced clean food diet fed workers are an investment that top corporations are aware provides higher productivity.


Instilling A Healthy Trend

Her trendy upscale earthy and elegant friendly packaging make a great gift for any occasion, if it is her scrumptious chocolate chip craisin biscotti or her unique salads, dressings and pestos, is a guarantee talk of the night.

When people advertise healthy food they often say ”It’s so good you wont even know you're eating healthy” we like to say “You will definitely know you're eating healthy because you will feel even better than you did before!" 



The Roots

How It All Began

Sarah Zulauf was born in Las Vegas, Nevada June 4, her parents moved to Los Angeles California one year later. Growing up in sunny California gave her a passionate love for the beaches and Hollywood rock n roll, pretty much anything outdoors, where good food and good music resides, was all that was needed for a great day.

Sarah spent a lot of time with her grandmother Ruth, who everyone called affectionally “Honey”.  Sarah adored and cherished Honey and spent as much time as she could with her. “Honey” would teach Sarah all her delightful secrets of cooking. Every single meal always included a soup and salad at Honey and Papa’s, Sarah’s grandfather, they lived into their late 80’s and 90’s. Sarah thinks it was due to all those soup and salads. One of the best secrets Honey shared was, “add some schnapps to that recipe, but most of all be happy in the kitchen”. Sarah is sure that her love affair with the culinary world was definitely 90% inspired by Honey and 10% Schnapps.

In her mid 20’s Sarah later moved to the Big Apple and settled down with a husband and had four Children. Having kids widened her knowledge in what actually goes into our produce, meats and chicken and especially the snacks we give to our kids. Upon this realization she started opening books and studying how the foods we eat effect our body, learning about herbs and healing foods, curing the body without toxins and while she did not eradicate the use of over the counter medicine, through her knowledge and application she was completely successful creating an environment through foods and herbs where she and her family had a diminished use for them. Providing clean, plant based foods and lean proteins she saw a big difference in the over all health and turned around most of the allergies with her children.

Confident In The Kitchen

Sarah also gave a community 6 week food demo course called “Confident in the kitchen” She donated her pesto’s and biscotti to synagogues and local farmers markets, to create a buzz for her new business. Word got out and people started hiring Sarah’s Organic Gourmet for dinner parties, backstage rock n roll after parities, camping retreats, Passover and specialty programs. 

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